I am on a music marathon this summer.
I just counted 30 gigs in my calendar from June through mid-September. They happen in three New England states, with three different bands---- in bars, clubs, concert venues, rock the block events and farmers' markets.  One gig in June was played at a bean hole supper, where they bury a cauldron of bean casserole with burning embers to bake overnight. Many gigs are at the venerable Maine institution The Lobsta Bake. Two days a week the Hinges are entertainment for 40-75 tourists seeing New England and Nova Scotia by boat. They kick their trip off with a lobsta feed done old-fashioned style under a tent at Sharpe's Wharf in Rockland, Maine. My pay for that gig is $60. or more for an hour and a half. Most gigs pay less. Some pay a bit more. The best gigs include food from the venue --- pizza, baked fish tacos, a killer mushroom swiss burger from the St. George's River Cafe in Warren. The farmer's markets give us fresh produce and other products (see post below). We're also doing a few free gigs, for The Jefferson Historical Society or the like.
The down side of this punishing gig schedule is a bunch of driving and less down time at the lake. The upside is that I'm seeing more of mid-coast than I ever have, I'm hanging with some great kindred spirits and I'm learning a ton of Americana and even country music. 
Have guitar, will travel!

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