Summer Music Midcoast Maine

Summer goes by so quickly! We shared many fine musical moments in Maine this summer, and my thanks to all the good friends and new acquaintances who came out to play. Some of these outings include Music Under the Moose in Friendship hosted by Bill Case;

sign outside the community center

the Waldoboro Cider Hill Farmer's Market; the Lobster Bake with Nan Jones and her crew in Rockland; the great small-town America experience of the King Ro session in Round Pond (all year on Monday evenings); and outside at The Bistro in Waldoboro with Gary and Charles. 

A special shout-out to brother Charles Chiarchiaro for hosting the Pontooners, a boat band of five special musicians who play acoustic music on Lake Damariscotta, stopping at different ports or docks to entertain the masses. Fueled with drink and good camaraderie, this floating flock of players created some buzz and press coverage..

The Pontooners

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