Welcome to the Monterisi Music Stove. I've created this space to share info and news about a few of the music and band projects I'm working on, and let you in on what's cooking in my musical world. The site has pages dedicated to the Boston "big band" Jane's Great Dane, and 32 North, "an American string band, made in Maine." There's a page to report on Finntown Road, a new (2020) Maine project. I will also update sightings and happenings with the venerable soul band Hipsocket, the A Team Band, and other music adventures. There are some pix, a virtual store, and a bit of blogging about recent gigs. Of course, I will provide information about seeing friends and me live, recordings and contacting me to hire these bands.

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"Monterisi (n)  A device which allows for intricate musical arrangements while eliminating fanfare and attention to itself. Monterisis have been popular among European circuses since the Middle Ages, which required strong orchestral underpinnings, while the audiences concentrated on the activities of elephants, tigers, sword-swallowers and the like. Monterisis have been used by NASA on three lunar missions." --- Dan Bern, October '21


Below is an elementary video for an original tune called EmmaLynn. We recorded it this summer (2021) at the lake in Maine. Band is Gary McCue (guitar), Michael Sevon (drums), Logan Sampson (violin) and Roger Selverstone (mando). Roger passed a few weeks ago, and I am happy to have this recording of him. Extra points if you can guess who painted the woman looking out her window.

Currently working on tracks for Dan Bern's forthcoming CD, as yet untitled. The band: Lou Serio (drums), Bob (Bo Coo) Cooper (keys), Jon Plaut (bass), Jeff Garmel (t. sax), Doug Batchelder (engineer, guitar), Steve Ferrara (guitar), John Cajolet (bass) and me (guitar, arrangements).


August 2021

Collaborating on Dan Bern's new record: Dan, Jon, Lou, Doug,  and me. (not pictured: Jeff & Bob)


See That My Grave's Kept Clean

I've been carrying around this rendition of Blind Lemon Jefferson's See That My Grave Is Kept Clean for a few years now. so recently I arranged, recorded and mixed this track at Live Lake Studio in Maine. Then we decided to go a step further, to make a video meditation on the song, featured below. 

Photos and Video: ©2020 Steven Edson Fine Art Photography, ©2020 Duane Lowe, and © 2020 John Monterisi. 

Musicians: Laura Buxbaum (cellos), Jon LeVeen (keys), Logan Sampson (violins). I play guitars, percussion and sing. 

Model: Grace Bonarrigo      Horses courtesy of Virginia Shaw.  Bows to Duane, Steve and the band.        ©copyright 2020 John Monterisi


 32 North's first gig, Summer 2020

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