The Backstory

My name is John Monterisi, and I live just outside Boston, Massachusetts. I play electric/acoustic guitar and sing with different bands and projects here, in mid-coast Maine, and most recently in Florida. Besides playing, I enjoy songwriting in various styles, like old school R'nB, swing, Latin rock, or New Orleans.

I began my musical career at five years old singing on street corners in Queens, New York. Learning to play guitar in my mid-teens changed my life and allowed me to emulate the Beatles and all the other music I loved. I've kept a guitar close to me ever since (Keith Richards recently advised new players, "You gotta sleep with her!"). 

In the last twenty years, I've been a founding member of Hipsocket, a 7-piece soul band that plays bars and functions, and recently enjoyed a residency at The Cantab Lounge in Cambridge. For the last ten years, I've been writing and recording two CDs' worth of original music with The A Team Band. We sell our songs to benefit several local charities. In the last three years, I've discovered bluegrass and folk, which I play with a group of talented friends up in midcoast Maine.

Right now, fresh winds are blowing in my musical world. I am very excited about a few new projects and upcoming gigs, and hope you'll join me for some new musical adventures. Please sign my e-mail list, follow me here, and drop a line to say hello.


With Jane's Great Dane at Passin

just a few years ago

lake tunes in Maine