The Worst Pop Song Ever Recorded

         Okay, let's restrict this to pop songs that made it onto the radio. Otherwise, there's just too much bad music out there. I've been thinking about the question for awhile. And I know there are many contenders we can agree on, even if this realm is a pretty subjective one. 
       Most of ABBA and Michael Bolton's catalogs are hard for me to listen to. My buddy JDP can't stand Starship's We Built This City on Rock and Roll, and "Amen" to that. The Bellamy Brothers Let Your Love Flow is pretty putrid, as is Debbie Boone's You Light Up My Life. And anything from Anne Murray. We could go on. 
        My friend Steve used to call up band-mates and sing a few lines of Hitchin' a Ride before hanging up with a smirk, knowing that whoever answered the phone would be walking around with that stupid song stuck in his head at least part of the day.
        Well, here's my vote. I have always hated Seasons in the Sun, the Terry Jacks tune. I had almost forgotten how bad it sounds. Today, I was in an "urban ware" shop in Waltham when this tune came out of a boom box. I had to run away in horror.
        Later I did some research and learned a few interesting things. One is that Rod McKuen co-wrote the English-language version of this Belgian tune. That alone could explain my animus. The other thing is that the original French-language version is a sardonic ballad about a man saying goodby to his adulterous wife, her lover, and a priest he has argued with. He's sarcastically saying they should sing and dance when he goes (Cf. ).
That's pretty cool, but it's not part of the insipid Terry Jacks version.
         I can't even post it here. It's that miserable.


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