Hipsocket Rides Again! 

Our  seven-piece soul band Hipsocket recently celebrated 20 years of high-quality, good time music. At this point the band is mostly inactive as everyone follows his or her own projects, but we reunited for two wonderful private gigs this month. First, on July 1, Hipstahs played a corporate gig at the NE Aquarium for Iconics Corp. This constellation of the band featured David Fuller on drums and singing lead with Debra. Then on July 18, we played for the Eastern Yacht Club in Marblehead with a line-up that saw Scott Shreve's return to the drum kit, while I assisted Debra with some lead vocals and the Marvin/Tammi duets. 

In both cases, we were all very happy with our work, the great vibe and ease with which we delivered the tunes. The second gig produced stellar versions of Bruised But Not Broken (included below) and Shaky Ground. Highlights from the first gig were Let's Stay Together and Strong Mojo.

Under the tent at Eastern Yacht Club

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